Willie Wigfield
My name is Willie. Tyler is my twin brother and my first and best friend. Tyler has always been there to help me. I wish Tyler and Chrysantha to always be happy.
Jamie Luddy
Hi, I’m James, not to be confused with my best bud James “Tyler” Wigfield. I met Tyler at UMD where we lived together and where we shared many fond memories. My most memorable times with Tyler come from after graduating when we spent nearly a month together in Ocean City pretending we were retired and putting off the real world. Tyler may be the most thoughtful and caring person I know and I’m ecstatic to be a part of his and Chrys’ wedding day.
Dale Clemons
I became friends with Tyler at UMD and had the privilege of being his first roommate in D.C.. Tyler and I's friendship is analogous to Tyler's first NASCAR race; Tyler sitting through four hours of turning left while hung-over because we thought it would a fun idea. I have fond memories of painting works of art, stealing food from the Luddy’s Brothers, attempting dances, or attempting whitewater rafting. Tyler is committed to everything he does, and although that doesn’t bode well for his dance moves at the wedding, I’m excited to see it play out in Chrys and Tyler’s future together.
Danny Griffin
From the storied depths of Brunswick athletics, Tyler and I have been through it all. Whether for Vince, Chief Ron, or the Zumbachs, We know exactly what coaches need AND how to avoid doing it while having fun instead. Warm up stretches have never since been so interesting, and who would have thought Tyler to end up a power hitter by the end of it all?

Lauryn Smith
I am Chrysantha's younger sister. A recent graduate of Swarthmore College, who loves musical theatre and film. Growing up, I looked forward to her weekend visits and could not imagine family gatherings without her magnetic energy and quirky antics. She always knew how to make me laugh, and influenced my county music phase in 6th grade. I’m inspired by how Chrys and Tyler built a loving relationship together. Excited for the celebration of their marriage! 

Joi-Alexis Hurd

When I am not busy being an active Dog Mom to a boisterous 2 year old Doberman named Howie, you can catch me out n' about socializing with friends and staying active at Shoreline City Church! I met Chrysantha freshman year at Sweet Briar College on the very first day of orientation week and she quickly made a lasting impression with her respectively preppy attire and even bubblier personality (ask me for first-impression funny stories in person as I have plenty) :) From BoatHouse party shenanigans to Roommate Prank Wars, Chrys and I quickly realized, laughter was the glue that has kept us together for all of these years! Although we have experienced many firsts together, being a part of this special day, will surely surpass them all! Congrats Tyler and Chrys!

Lauren Tyree
I have known Chrysantha since elementary school and we’ve been friends ever since. We have plenty of memories together like Girl Scouts and church conferences. I am so happy to celebrate you and Tyler. Thanks for including me and wishing you both blessings in your journey of togetherness. 

Vida McCahey
I met Chrysantha Freshman year of college at Sweet Briar during orientation. We quickly became friends because of how much she made me laugh. And to this day Chrys always brings a smile to my face, to laugh with her is to love her. Chrys is always there for times of hardship and joy. I am incredibly grateful for our friendship. She and Tyler are great supporters of my stand-up comedy. They attend as many shows as they are able, and help me to workshop my material! Both Tyler and Chrys have a great sense of humor, and over the past few years, we have grown especially close. I am honored to be by her side during this happy occasion. I am looking forward to continuing being there as their relationship continues to flourish into a beautiful family! Congratulations Tyler and Chrysantha!